Camera Systems

Camera systems can serve many purposes and Alarmtech will address your specific concerns through our on-site consultation. Surveillance systems are more affordable than ever. Alarmtech will quote, install and provide all equipment necessary to record, view, retrieve and evaluate video surveillance. We can provide HD over coax analogue cameras from 1080P to megapixel as well as megapixel IP systems and cameras. Camera features can include colour day/night, IR illumination, license plate recognition, extreme low light, vandal resistance, covert and specialty cameras, etc.

Alarmtech provides training with the installation of all camera systems through our certified installers and we will liaise with your designated employee so that you can get the most out of this smart investment.

Intrusion Detection Devices

Perimeter and interior detection devices work together to provide comprehensive protection of your commercial property. Available intrusion detection devices include door and window contacts, overhead door contacts, motion sensors (standard and harsh environments), glass break sensors and more. These security systems can be partitioned and zoned to allow flexible operation. Other types of devices can enhance coverage for further results or in specific circumstances.

Commercial Life Safety Devices

Are any of your employees in danger of violence or injury while at work? Panic alarms can be installed under desks or activated through portable pendants. Devices such as CO detectors, monitored smoke detectors, Rate-of-Rise heat detectors and flood sensors can all be added to increase the security of people and products.

ULC Certificated Fire Monitoring

In some commercial buildings like apartment buildings or night clubs/bars a ULC Certificate for monitoring is required by the Fire and/or building code. Alarmtech is listed by ULC to provide this type of monitoring if required.

Access Control System

With an access control system, proximity cards, code keypads, mobile credentials and/or biometric readers can be set up to allow specific access levels for different employees or groups of employees. Updates can be managed through the software included with the purchase. Restrict areas of entry, time of day and / or of week easily and individually.

System Integration

Alarmtech will train your designated employees to use and manage the system, giving your company the tools to review and change access to accommodate special/temporary circumstances as well as ongoing different levels of authority and access. Keys will be unnecessary, and lost cards can be eliminated immediately through the software. When employees change, cards can be deleted or updated quickly. Alarmtech can also integrate access control with security and camera systems.

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