Customer Stories

This morning I went to a customer’s business.  She has a system we installed recently and has total connect.  It turns out it is her home system experience that motivated her to look at putting something similar where she works.
I asked her why? And she told me once she had a call from her cleaning lady and she was at her house, my customer had forgotten she was coming so left the alarm on.  She used total connect to contact her panel, disarm it and open her garage door to let the cleaning lady in.  In the past she would have had to leave work, travel home and unlock.  She thought this was fantastic.  She also said she benefits by the emails she receives when someone arrives home and she is elsewhere (let your husband know what to do to start dinner).  The other use she had taken advantage of was disarming the system from Europe holiday for her elderly parent to check on the house every once in a while.

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