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Thinking of Cancelling Your Home Phone?

Alarm panels that are more than a few years old were manufactured to transmit solely over a landline phone because what else did we have? Just going back a few years, it wasn’t that common to have high-speed on internet service, but now it’s just an everyday item in most homes. And, home phones are going the way of the dodo bird. So, what are your options if wanting to cancel your landline home service and either go with inexpensive VoIP phones or no phone at all?

The more traditional panels can generally be outfitted with a little gizmo to convert the analogue signals into digital packets, allowing us to then send the signal over your internet service. Some customers choose to upgrade their panel to something newer to also get the benefits of wireless devices such as key fobs or life safety devices on an upper floor. Still others want to move to an even more reliable monitoring platform by utilizing the cellular network itself and bypassing any cable lines or fickle service providers. You don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater and cancel monitoring because you no longer have a phone line—that has repercussions on your insurance policy.

The point of this blog post is to confirm that you do have choices, each with its benefits and drawbacks; and one of those choices is bound to suit your needs best. So, please, if you have questions about paths, services, or equipment — call us! We are here to consult and provide answers. All our consultations are complimentary and our quotes are given in written form for your consideration and understanding. We are your partners and advocates in security and life safety.

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Written by Nancy Hoevenaars, Functional Manager/HR/Marketing