Quick response of the fire department

I have been having a difficult time putting on paper just how to express to you and the rest of the staff at Alarmtech our gratitude for the protection of our home during our recent fire. The fire and security system installed and maintained by your company worked flawlessly! A fire signal was transmitted to our local fire department so fast that both the Fire Chief and Fire Inspector, who were first on scene, could find no visible signs of a fire. They began to suspect a false alarm. A puff of smoke was observed out of a rear bedroom window just as the fire truck arrived. The firemen quickly entered and extinguished a small fire. A “pressure wave” was created by the heat of the flames which forced dense smoke into closets, furniture, even behind the trim around doors and windows. Due to the dense nature of the smoke, extensive cosmetic renovations were necessary to the main floor. The only structural damage was some charring of the plywood flooring under the blaze.

We are back in our home now, and have had ample time to reflect back on that day. Our home is semi detached, with a vacant field behind us. On the day of the fire (at approximately 9:45 a.m.) the homes across the street and on the far side of our semi were vacant. Most of the remaining neighbors, like our family, were gone to work or school. The fire chief told us that without a monitored fire security system, this fire would likely not have been reported until it had broken through the roof, at which point the damage inside the home would have been catastrophic. Our cat and dog would most likely have perished. Our neighbor in the other half of the semi would have been seriously affected also. Since the fire was quite small in size, minimal water was needed to extinguish the fire, which limited the water damage to the lower level such that only a couple of possessions on that floor were affected by the fire.

The service we received from Alarmtech after the fire was simply superb. Each time we speak of our house fire to someone we are certain to also mention how well the security system worked that day, and just how extensive the fire would have been without it. We also stress that the resulting quick response of the fire department was only made possible because of the security system.

Once again, thank you.
Ron, Nancy, and Katina Haggith