Is Your Home/Business Equipped For Water Damage?

We are having an extremely dry season so far and likely the last thing on everybody’s mind is water damage or the concern of flooding. Having said that, there are more reasons than just heavy rains or a rapid snow melt that can flood your home or business. For instance, there could be a sewage back up, a broken pipe or even an overflowing appliance.
To break down the causes even further—while a broken/burst pipe main cause is freezing, pipe failure can also occur with age, misuse or damage. Blockage or Tree Roots in your main sewer line will cause sewage backup in your home. Most sewer clogs can be prevented with regular use and proper maintenance of your drains. Along with not flushing facial tissues, napkins, diapers and other waste down your toilet here is a link to How To Prevent Clogs In Your Drains. Overflowing appliances. Also, for your easy reference, here is another link on How To Prevent Freezing Pipes.
Flooding can happen at any time and without warning and it is often difficult to predict when your home will flood. It could be hours or even days before flood damage is discovered and that is why having 24/7 flood monitoring in place is advisable. Here at Alarmtech, we are a certified Honeywell Dealer and, as such, will install top of the line products that includes our experience and expertise at having been in the business for over 30 years. We will assist you in making your HOME SMARTER and can advise and assist tailoring products (such as sump pumps, sensor probes or water leak & freezer detectors) specific to your home or business.

Interesting Historical Facts:
*The City of London has a well-documented history of flooding dating back to 1700s with the worst flood event recorded occurring in 1937. This flood was destructive of both life and property; five deaths were recorded and over 1,100 homes experienced significant flood damages. But not to worry, Fanshawe Dam on the North branch of the Thames is used to control downstream flooding. The City of London has a high-density urban core located at the Forks which is largely protected by a series of dykes. * Source Reference: The City of London-Vulnerability of Infrastructure to Climate Change.
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Written by Cheryl Redick, Graphic Designer/CSR