Honeywell Lyric has been launched in London!

You don’t operate on a fixed schedule. Why should your home? The Lyric Controller is designed for how you really live, with a wireless connected platform that makes your home safer, smarter and more enjoyable than ever. Individually each product performs brilliantly. Together, they’re a way to orchestrate life. No schedules, no programming and no complex menus-simply security and comfort for when you’re home and savings for when you’re away.
Want to learn how Lyric can fit into your lifestyle? Visit Alarmtech’s YouTube Lyric Section to watch several videos about Lyric (Total Connect, Skybell and Apple Watch).

by Bob Hoevenaars
“This morning I went to a customer’s business. She has a system we installed recently and has total connect. It turns out it is her home system experience that motivated her to look at putting something similar where she works.
I asked her why? And she told me once she had a call from her cleaning lady and she was at her house; my customer had forgotten she was coming, so left the alarm on. She used total connect to contact her panel, disarm it and open her garage door to let the cleaning lady in. In the past she would have had to leave work, travel home and unlock. She thought this was fantastic. She also said she benefits by the emails she receives when someone arrives home and she is elsewhere (let your husband know what to do to start dinner). The other use she had taken advantage of was disarming the system from Europe holiday for her elderly parent to check on the house every once in a while”.

Alarmtech’s Lyric Ad & London Home Builders Association Article

The London Home Builders Association, Signature Homes & Renovations September 22nd edition features the Lyric platform. The new product showcase section features Alarmtech’s ad about the Lyric Controller (click on image below):

We are also excited to share with you the article Increasing the Home’s IQ through New Tech and Building Materials that the President of Alarmtech, Bob Hoevenaaars is quoted in:
Here is an excerpt from the article (or you can read the full article by clicking on the image below):
To ensure their homes are operating efficiently 24/7, homeowners are turning to tech.  Their allies are smartphones and tablets, enabling residents to command home security, automation and telecommunications.  “You can control everything in most cases with a single app,” notes Bob Hoevenaars, president of Alarmtech Systems for Life.
 Cameras, alarms and door locks provide peace of mind for people when at home or away.  Different devices talk to one another. 
 For instance, when going to work or on vacation, the homeowner can set the alarm to ‘away’, activating an energy saving mode.  Hoevenaars says, “An intelligent thermostat may have geofencing so when your smartphone gets close to home, it turns your furnace or air conditioning to a comfortable temperature.”
 Working parents can be alerted with Honeywell’s Lyric’s snapshot picture when their children arrive home safely. Hoevenaars says, “A smart system will send them a clip when their child disarms the alarm.”
 For more elaborate systems, specialists like Alarmtech write code that harmonizes whole house audio, alarms, home theatre and lighting. “People like the idea they can be more in control of their homes.” Hoevenaars notes.

Lyric Apps:
The app contains an interactive user guide that is designed as a training tool to educate consumers on the capabilities and ease of use of Honeywell’s Lyric (LCP500) security and home controller. You can also view the presentation section for automated use. The app replicates the Lyric controller, keypad and wireless key and other intuitive prompts by providing an easy way to visualize the product’s functionality so consumers can quickly understand how to use the system. Among many of its helpful features are how to arm and disarm, use voice commands, experience automation of lights, locks and thermostats and view up to four cameras right from the controller.

How To Get Your Very Own Lyric System

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Written by Cheryl Redick | Graphic Designer/CSR