Protect Your Property From April Showers

Keep April Showers Outdoors…Spring is here and as our thoughts turn to the outdoors, we need to keep an eye on mother nature’s tendency to bring spring waters indoors! Besides sump pump failure, leaky basement corners, failing roof systems and appliance failure, we can also suffer from sewage backup and broken pipes.
Water damage is a major source of insurance claims and monitored alarm systems can be expanded to detect and alert us to water problems before they result in costly claims. Besides burg and fire detection discounts, insurance companies will often discount insurance for homes with monitored water detection devices.
If you have a new or existing security system water detection is an easy add-on and we’d like homeowners to be aware of the potential hazards of water damage and how easily they can reduce their risks. Many claims adjusters will tell you, if the homeowner had only known sooner, they could have shut off the water and deployed water drying systems thereby reducing the damage to the home.
Honeywell created the video below to demonstrate to homeowners how a variety of sensors, including flood detection, can keep them informed about what’s going on at home when they’re not there.

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If you have a monitored alarm system, these are easy add-ons — be alerted about damage to your home or belongings when you are away or even sleeping. Not to mention Alarmtech is an authorized Honeywell Dealer and Honeywell prides itself in creating some of the most intuitive and reliable products on the market.  NOT MONITORED……are you waiting for a rainy day?

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 Written by Cheryl Redick, Graphic Designer/CSR