Industry pricing is confusing! 

Alarmtech recognizes that alarm industry pricing is convoluted and confusing – let’s clear it up….

You’ve heard it all before – ‘get a free alarm’ or ‘alarms are expensive!’ Well, which is true?  The cost of owning an alarm consists of three components:

These three components are manipulated to provide profitable offerings for alarm service providers.  The monitoring fees over a period of time are often used to subsidize/finance the costs of installation/labour and the hardware.  In the 1980’s and 90’s people paid for the installation/hardware up front and enjoyed lower monthly fees for the decades to follow.  In the past twenty years, ‘packages’ were developed (first by the bigger players) to allow for attractive up-front pricing and the monthly fees increased proportionately to accommodate the lower up front.  As wireless equipment became more reliable and lithium batteries became available, these packages became more attractive especially to those not wanting to make an investment.  (Fun fact: companies have actually been sued for advertising ‘free alarms’ as the mandatory nature of the term contract means there is nothing free – but you knew that already didn’t you!)  And, there is still much buyer beware in our industry – do your monthly fees include the transmission of tests and supervisory signals, or just emergency signals?  Are the installation standards such that the devices are supervised by the panel?  Is the hardware quoted as specifics so that you the consumer can research the product or are you being sold a generic ‘keypad’ and ‘motion detectors’?  If you have to use your imagination at all, you might be imagining that it’s a good deal for you.   Reputation is everything; research the company you are considering dealing with before you commit to a term with them.    Still waiting to hear some actual numbers?  At Alarmtech, monthly fees start at $25 and Packages at $99 – but remember the $25 is for those who pay the installation upfront and the package pricing is for those who prefer the low-down/higher monthly options.  But if you are a smart consumer, you will get all the facts and make the choice that suits your budget and lifestyle. And remember, you can always build on your system later on.  There shouldn’t be any pressure from your provider and ‘today only’ specials are often there just to pressure you into making a snap decision.
Out of area monitoring stations can offer a low monthly rate; however, they don’t know or follow the proper police dispatch proceedures and in London for example, that means no response at all so your lower rate is actually paying for nothing.
That’s why Alarmtech will educate you, explain the options and give you a written quote.  We all live and work in this community, making us accountable to our clients.  Transparency and integrity go hand in hand.  Another resource would be CANASA (Canadian Security Association) visit for tips on choosing an alarm provider and  BBB ratings and google reviews will confirm the choice .