More than Simply Security and Cameras

Home security and cameras can be important when an area becomes a target for crime, but what about also securing against the elements or plain bad luck? Through our 34 years in business, we’ve heard about every heartbreaking scenario possible—a toilet leaking on an upper floor during a vacation, causing that floor to eventually collapse; a furnace sticking ‘on’ and melting more household items than you might expect; a furnace failing and the resultant burst pipes and water damage, a gecko cage heater malfunction resulting in a house fire while only the beloved pets were home and helpless; even a situation where an unattended house was inhabited by squatters while the homeowners vacationed.  These people partied and vandalized the home for at least 48 hours, leaving behind damage from water, spray paint, feces and more.  And we have one client who suffered a home invasion targeted at the wrong address, installing fear as a permanent resident in that house.

Unbelievable, unusual—and yet possible—when the only line of defence is a door lock.  Detecting and transmitting environmental signals as well as criminal ones is just one more layer of care we can add to our lives; increasing our peace of mind, reducing losses and deterring attacks.  Cameras are very popular right now and can provide good surveillance for driveways and property as well as video evidence of trespass.  As always, Alarmtech provides consultation and specifications with firm pricing for your consideration.  Our reputation is built on 34 years of living and working in this community, with homeowners and business owners alike.  Why not add a layer of protection so you can work, live and travel worry free?
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