Choosing Cameras — What Do You Need To Consider?

You are thinking of adding cameras to your residential or commercial site and wondering; what do I need to consider before getting a quote?

# 1. Stand Alone Cameras Are The Most Inexpensive Option:
Features:  These cameras record when motion is detected and store the recording inside the camera. You then review the recording over your network (you will set this up) or remove the SD card from the camera. Some limited features like digital zoom might be available, so review the features, set up instructions and installation instructions before purchasing. These cameras are sold at retail outlets such as Best Buy.
Challenges:  These cameras usually need electrical power, so consider where you are installing and arrange for a nearby power source. Some models are battery operated, so plan your installation so that you can easily access the battery compartment. The camera will come with certain mounting hardware and a set length of wire, neither of which might suit your circumstances. Installing exterior cameras can pose safety challenges depending on the location, surface materials etc. Do your homework to see if what is being offered matches your requirements. If the camera is removed/stolen, the recording goes with the camera and you will have nothing to view.

Cost: $ Varies: see your local big box retailer for offerings and prices.  Alarmtech does not generally carry these as we are usually involved in more professional installations.

#2. Total Connect Cameras — Can Be Stand Alone Or Added To Existing Security Systems:
Features:  These cameras can be set up to provide remote access, scheduling, and motion video recording with 7 days’ cloud storage using your smart device. Monthly fees are in the $15 range. Indoor TC cameras are easily installed yourself; Outdoor TC cameras require installation. Both cameras require a power source which needs to be considered when planning the installation location.
Challenges:  Changing your network provider, router updates, and XXXX can negatively impact the connection to the cameras. If you don’t have the capacity to monitor and fix this yourself, it will be a service call to remedy those updates and changes. Installing exterior cameras can pose safety challenges depending on the location, surface materials etc.

Cost:  Indoor-$200 — you install it yourself and set up the connectivity yourself + monthly fees-$15.00. Outdoor-$300 + installation — depends on location, power, building surface etc. + monthly fees-$15.00. Contact Alarmtech to place an order for an Indoor TC camera or to get pricing information on an Outdoor TC camera.

#3. Professional Camera System With Network Video Recording:
Features:  Full-featured system with searchable video footage and varying length of recording storage on the DVR/NVR device.  Different models will support different numbers of cameras. Professionally installed in/outdoor cameras with appropriate wiring for all conditions. Power is required for each camera. Monthly fees are not required as cloud storage is not used. Cameras with extensive capabilities are available; pan/tilt/zoom, license plate identification, motion tracking etc.
Challenges:  IT is required to set up the DVR/NVR and to create/maintain/update schedules, authorities and permissions. Alarmtech will coordinate with your onsite IT during the installation and train your IT representative.  After the installation, Alarmtech IT support is available at an extra cost. The DVR/NVR device will need to be installed inside, usually in a protected area only accessible by high-level employees.

Cost:  Each Network Video recording system must be priced individually as to type/number of cameras, but an installed system of three cameras and one recording device might start at $2500.00 and go up from there. Contact Alarmtech for further pricing information specific to your site, if your budget is at least $2500.00

Thank you for your interest in cameras, camera systems and their features, benefits and challenges. If you are interested in Total Connect cameras or professional camera systems, we are here to help!
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Written by Nancy Hoevenaars, Brand Manager [ Marketing and Human Resources ]