Why September Is Like New Years

The start of the school year always feels like a good time to reset or develop good habits. What about your alarm habits? Do you use your alarm to protect your home and family to the best extent possible? When the family is in for the evening, why not set the alarm in stay mode? Even if it’s unlikely to have a late-evening unwanted visitor, you’ve got the protection of the alarm activated nonetheless. And you won’t forget to arm it at bedtime if it’s armed after dinner. ?

Every so often, we hear of people who are only setting their alarm when they are away for extended periods of time.  Quite honestly, many break-ins are simply crimes of opportunity and it doesn’t matter if you are away for a week or walking the dog. Yes, there are targeted break-ins, but you want to protect yourself from every possible threat, right?

VARP — Verified Alarm Response Policy
This is a good time to remind you of the London Police alarm response policy VARP — Verified Alarm Response Policy. Simply put, the police are committed to responding to alarms they term as verified. Alarms are considered verified if more than one signal is received from the property IE a door and a motion is tripped. They are also considered verified if a keyholder called by the monitoring station confirms suspicious activity. This is one reason why a good list of keyholders is essential; these are people you select or hire to respond to your alarm signals and summon the police when necessary. Read the full policy for the four verified alarm statuses, from our January 2018 Blog.

Have You Taken ‘The Home Security Self Audit?’
Wanting to consider home or alarm improvements to improve your security audit score? The London City Police have this audit to complete ‘Home Security Self Audit’ and it’s quite comprehensive. If you would like to add devices to your alarm system to improve police response or to monitor for other concerns such as fire, CO, sump pump failure or water leaks, please contact the office (519.434.3996) and we will be happy to provide information. We are here to help.

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Written by Nancy Hoevenaars, Brand Manager [ Marketing and Human Resources ]