It’s Renovation Time!

Now that it’s chilly outside, people are focusing on indoor home projects! But what do you do with security alarm devices that are in your way, or needing to be relocated?

Let’s start with the simple stuff: you are painting or wallpapering and a motion detector/smoke detector is attached to the wall/ceiling. You can simply wrap the edge with tape and work around it. If you want to remove the device and just leave the base, you can book a service call or remove the cover yourself. First, call the monitoring station and let them know what you are doing, so they don’t start calling your keyholders with any signals received. When removing the covers/devices, be careful not to force or crack the cover. Be sure to get the cover/devices snapped into place properly when you are done. It’s easy to miss a snap and you will get an error code on the keypad and an action from the station.

If you are renovating extensively and devices need to be removed or relocated, please call into the office to discuss your options. Wired devices can be taken down but will cause an error on the system so you will need to bypass when arming. Bypass instructions are on our website. Wireless devices can also be taken down, and if you store them near the keypad, they will continue to check in and not cause an error. However, if stored haphazardly, they could cause a false alarm; so best to put that device on ‘log only’ for the duration of the project. Call our office for some general advice or to book a service call that will allow you to continue to arm and disarm without jumping through hoops! If your project is causing a lot of dust or fumes, please cover your smoke and CO detectors during the work with a plastic bag or plastic smoke/CO cover. Remove during the quiet hours. We have some of these covers in our office—call for availability ( 519-434-3996).

Finally, some people decide that a renovation is a perfect time to get a system upgrade: add newer function, flash and features to your system with Total Connect system management, cameras with connectivity and more! We can work with your renovation plans, re-use what works and change out as needed. Information is power, so why not be informed about all your choices? Call 519-434-3996 or email to reach our team!
Happy Project!

Written by Nancy Hoevenaars, Brand Manager [ Marketing and Human Resources ]