The Need for Surveillance Systems in Educational Institutes

Unfortunately, all kinds of criminal activities happen at educational institutes in our country. These criminal activities include drug abuse, sexual abuse and harassment, bullying, and vandalism, just to name a few. 9 out of 10 teachers in Ontario, Canada have witnessed or experienced harassment or violence in schools. Similarly, around 460,000 sexual assaults are reported in the country every year, with a large portion of them happening at schools.
Having said all this, it’s no secret that educational institutes are plagued with different kinds of crimes and social problems. Let’s see how surveillance systems can mitigate these problems.


Monitoring the activities of students, teachers, and visitors is a good deterrent to criminal activities. The risk of getting caught on tape scares off most on-campus criminals. Also, active CCTV cameras and biometric systems can control crimes by outsiders. CCTV cameras are a great source of evidence against criminals, and this makes them think twice before committing a crime.

Inefficiency of Older Systems

Students these days are extremely smart. They know how to bypass and crack older surveillance systems. They’re able to use the latest apps and technologies to get away with on-campus crime.

Cheating is made easy, communication within criminal networks is highly secure, and they’re able to hack old CCTV cameras to make them dysfunctional. The only solution to this is installing cutting edge surveillance systems that are almost impossible to bypass.

Specific Needs of Every Campus

Every campus requires a tailor-made surveillance system. Students know the ins and outs of their campus, and they’ll take advantage of even the slightest surveillance slip up. A well-integrated surveillance system that covers every spot of the campus from every angle can circumvent this.

Instilling Fear

Students think of campuses as their personal fortresses where they can do as they wish. This mindset needs to change. They need to be aware that they can’t do everything they like and that they’ll get caught by the surveillance system if they do. A culture of safety and security is developed this way.


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