You Need This Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors are used around the world to protect valuable property and people against fires. While they don’t stop them, the noise they make alerts us to potential issues, like burning food that can turn into a deadly kitchen fire.  Smoke detectors are mandatory in London. Here’s what you need to know about the relevant laws.


Smoke detectors experience wear and tear over time and can fail to perform their basic function when they’re depreciated beyond a point. It’s generally advised that smoke detectors be replaced every 10 years.

Moving Into a New House

Furthermore, when you move into a new house, make sure to change the detector if it’s 10 years old. If you can’t ascertain how old it is, replace it. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

Why Get a Monitored Smoke Detector?

Monitored smoke detectors can be added to any security system.  They use photoelectric technology, providing better detection of smoldering fires.  Monitoring means that if people are sleeping, out of the house, or overcome by fumes, the trucks will still roll.  Monitored smoke detection has saved lives, and drastically cut losses.
We recommend adding battery-operated hardware-store smoke detector near your stove to catch those nuisance episodes, and put the monitored smoke detectors on every level to detect the unlikely but possible house fire that can occur and change life as you know it.