Camera Systems, CCTV, Video Surveillance

Camera systems continue to be a hot topic in London.  Residentially, Londoners are annoyed with car break-ins as well as property theft and safety concerns.  Commercially, HR departments want video footage of employee behaviour, as well as recorded video of parking lots, access points and more.  For almost every consumer, however, confusion reigns when talking price points.  Wifi cameras are useful in a limited way.  Video clips are sent or stored briefly, but will not provide continuous recording.   ‘Affordable’ cameras often record only inside the camera itself, making the camera itself prone to theft, to secure the evidence.  Also at a low price point, comes cameras that are battery operated.  The thrill of the low price soon disappears with the drudgery of climbing a ladder to replace batteries.  However, these cameras do serve a purpose and if your budget is small you can order them online, install yourself and enjoy the features they do offer.  As a step up, Alarmtech has a curated selection of Total Connect cameras that integrate with our security platforms and can be accessed under one app called TOTAL CONNECT.
However, where Alarmtech really shines in our expertise is with CCTV systems, utilizing the right camera for your needs, whether it be general surveillance, identification or an even higher level of recording.  We recommend a consultation to determine wants and needs and become an educated consumer.  It’s better to get a quote, understand the contents and save for the installation than to buy the system twice before you get what you really require.  And, don’t forget security itself.  CCTV records but SECURITY detects and interrupts actual criminal activity.  There is no substitute for a well-designed security system being used by trained employees or homeowners.  Sign up for our online seminars by emailing

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