What To Do If Your Ontario Neighbour is Threatening You

More than 14.32 million people inhabit this beautiful province of Ontario. That makes for some pretty crowded living. While Ontarians sometimes get a bad reputation for their rude behaviour (truth be told, we’re just being honest, and likely in a hurry), most people here are genuinely nice and get along well with each other. However, there are times when an Ontario neighbour can become annoying to the point where it might become hell to live next to them.
We have had cases where families had to move out because of their neighbour from hell that would threaten and harass them. In some instances, the families were followed by their old neighbours to their new digs where they continued harassing them. Eventually, they had to be reported to the police. Who says getting rid of your bad spouse is the most difficult thing in this world?
Living next to a hostile neighbour can be awful on so many levels. Your personal and professional life may get disturbed. The value of your real estate may drop. Your safety could be threatened.
The good news is: There are many actions you can take to deal with the neighbour that is harassing you.

Talk to them

Attempt to talk to your neighbour—if you feel safe, of course. Invite them for coffee and try to find some segue into the conversation.
If you are not comfortable talking to your neighbour, write them a letter, expressing your concerns and what you think could be a possible solution.

Seek mediation  

There are many mediation services that operate in Ontario. You can contact them for help. But here, once again, the outcome of any mediation would depend on whether your neighbour is willing to cooperate or not.

Gather evidence

If your neighbour is still continuing to create problems for you, there is only one option left for you, and that is to report them to the police. However, before you do that, make sure you have enough evidence against your neighbour to prove your case. This may sound a little bit extreme, but consider installing a surveillance camera at your property to record evidence of aggressive behaviour neighbour towards you.

Reach out to the police

Call the police and show them the evidence that you have gathered against your neighbour. Let them deal with the matter.

We hope that things get sorted out soon, and you can start living a stress-free life once again.
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