How to Protect Your Ontario House from Burglars

2018 statistics show an increase in breaking and entering incidents in Ontario. This is the fourth successive year that break-in incidents have continued to increase in the Heartland Province.
The developing situation is a cause for concern, especially for Ontario homeowners, as it’s them who are being targeted the most by criminals in these incidents. That doesn’t mean, though, homeowners can’t do anything to protect their home.
The first step in home break-in prevention is to identify and eliminate potential opportunities, and it’s up to homeowners to do that.

Think like a burglar

Survey the exterior of your home with the eyes of a burglar. Scout for weaknesses. If there is a door or window that you can tell could be easily breached, a burglar will most likely be able to come to the same conclusion. Secure the vulnerable points in your home’s exterior by installing high grade locks and glass break detectors.

While you’re surveying the exterior, take note of any places that burglars could use as a potential hide-out. This could be the outgrowing shrubbery in your lawn or a garbage trolley in your backyard. Get rid of the hiding spots.
Next, climb to your roof and secure any access points that a thief could use to break into your house.

Invest in a home video surveillance system

Installing a home video surveillance system is another way, and quite an effective one, to protect your home from burglars.
Burglars see security cameras as deterrents and tend to stay away from properties that have cameras. They know that a homeowner could be watching them and they could get caught.
There are different types of home video surveillance systems available in the market. Contact a home security solution company in Ontario to know about your options.

Don’t advertise while you are away

If you’re away on a business trip or vacation, don’t broadcast the details on social networks. Thieves have been known to monitor online posts to determine when homeowners are away. They then target homes that are vacant.
Burglary incidents may never be completed eliminated from society, but their threats shouldn’t cause you to live in fear. Take these measures to secure your home from the hot prowlers.
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