Protecting Your Commercial Property—What Are Your Best Options?

The security of a commercial property is paramount. That’s why it’s critical to have systems in place that safeguard valuable assets and provide protection to employees. There are numerous steps an organization can take to protect their commercial property.
Here are some of them:

A comprehensive commercial security system

An all-inclusive, effective commercial security system is incredibly important for keeping commercial properties protected. The property should have multiple security solutions installed at every entrance point, as well as intrusion detection systems to ensure safety.

An access control system should also be set up to restrict access levels for specific employees and individuals. Some common examples include biometric readers, code keypads, and proximity cards, among others.
The system should also record events, report activity, and provide data to the security department.

CCTV Cameras

Surveillance cameras, when placed strategically, deters burglars from attempting to break into a facility. Moreover, CCTV cameras also allow you to monitor employees, which keeps a tab on what’s going inside the organization.
It’s important to choose a surveillance camera system that has a high-definition recording feature, among other advanced features. For instance, the cameras should be able to capture footage in extreme low light.
Installing a comprehensive CCTV system by hiring an experienced service provider that offers a wide range of electronic security solutions is a good choice. They will also offer camera support which will eliminate the need to spend extra money to set up a new department.

Remote Monitoring

Finally, a commercial organization must invest in a 24-hour remote monitoring system to guarantee a high level of security. This will allow you to monitor the entire premises without being present on the property.
Today’s modern remote monitoring systems don’t even require additional infrastructure, as the entire system can be controlled and monitored using laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.
ULC certified monitoring systems are a perfect option for remote monitoring, as they are tested by the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC), an independent product safety inspection organization that performs testing and provide certification.
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