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What Does Consultative Selling Look Like In 2019?

Alarmtech was founded in 1985. Everyone had a landline home phone and the internet was not a thing! People organized community events with phone calls and letters. There was no online shopping, and lots of things couldn’t even be “browsed” at a store. When people wanted information about security systems, there was only one thing to do — set up an appointment to sit down and talk it over. We might have met at a Home Show (remember when the Western Fair had a sort of Home Show element? This was before the twice-annual home shows of today). Alarmtech was there in our booth for fourteen long days and by the end of it, we had a list of names and numbers to contact. Nowadays, people might give us their email when they visit our booth but more likely they say they will “Google” us.
There’s lots of info on Google — each website has offerings and information galore. But the internet has somehow reduced online shopping to PRICING ads — shouting at us about what’s included or free (nothing’s free by the way) and trying to distract us with amazing graphics so we don’t read the fine print. 
Alarmtech is developing an online tool for our website that will allow curious consumers to try their hand at designing their ‘own system’ since we find many people are reluctant to meet with us in their home.  While that’s great, Alarmtech wants to remain true to our brand — one of education and careful consideration of your unique building, needs or concerns. So how can we do that?

Introducing a New Website Tool “Ask Bob”     

Ask Bob is a caricature of Bob Hoevenaars, Alarmtech’s founder and president since the age of 24.  He’s 58 now and a wealth of knowledge about the alarm industry, products and installation practices.  Back when the Canadian Alarm Industry offered classroom training, Bob was a national trainer.  Now of course, the certification is all done online, and Bob was on the team that designed that course.  Experts are still important even in the digital age. So — on our website tool, when consumers are plugging in the number of doors they want to protect, there will be an “ask Bob” button to press if they want to be educated about door which door is the most popular with burglars.

“Ask Bob” is on Facebook

 Although the website tool is still in development, we have started producing short educational videos for our Facebook page, where we “Ask Bob” alarm industry-related questions.  ‘Ask Bob” runs every Monday at 7:00 p.m., but you can also view the videos on our Facebook page any time you visit. Have a look and ask away! We are glad to provide answers. That’s what we’ve been doing for the last 34 years and this is just a modernized version of consultative selling.  
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Written by Nancy Hoevenaars, Brand Manager [ Marketing and Human Resources ]