At the Office: Why Having Fire Alarm Systems is Not Enough…

You may already have a fire alarm or smoke detection system installed at your office building to protect your office staff and equipment from potential fire incidents. But is that enough?
Not if you consider these startling numbers from the Canadian Fire Department, which tell their own grim tale about the poor state of fire safety at office and industrial buildings…
Between 2005 and 2014, there were a total of 208,862 structural fires reported across different cities and provinces of Canada.
Of these 202,862 fire incidents, 84,952 involved commercial and industrial buildings. That’s an average of 8,495 non-residential structural fires per year.
These fires resulted in heavy casualties and extensive property damages.
Now if you consider the fact that fire alarms and smoke detection systems are installed in all commercial and industrial facilities in the country, it calls for deliberation that whether these systems alone are enough to protect a building and those inside it in a fire incident?

The Loophole

What property owners often tend to forget with fire alarms and smoke detectors is that these devices are only designed to alert building occupants to a potential fire breakout incident. The event still needs to be reported to the fire department personnel for them to respond to it and control the fire before it can cause any injuries, fatalities or property loss.
This is a big loophole in standard fire alarm and smoke detection systems.
Often, when there is a fire in a heavily occupied building, panic can ensue, and the office staff can fail to promptly report the incident to the responding authorities. This delay can prove to be costly.

The Solution

Of course, there is a solution to this problem and a better way to protect your office building in the event of a fire breakout.
Fire monitoring services make for improved fire protection solutions by linking your fire alarms and smoke detectors to a monitoring center, where live monitoring professionals are present 24/7. These professionals are alerted to any triggers at your office building, and they notify the emergency personnel instantly to take action fast.

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