The Italian Job, Right at Your Retail Store!

Everybody loves heist movies. The thrill, suspense and quick unfolding of the plot these films offer, only few other genres can play at that level and with such skill.
However, it becomes an entirely different matter when the scenarios in these movies start happening in real life.
Did someone say “The Italian Canadian Job”?

Retail Robberies—a Norm in Canada!

Shoplifting is a $4 billion problem in Canada. It affects 87.5% of independent store operators in the country.
Most of the retail robberies that happen here fall in the category of organized crime, where goods are stolen and illegally sold for cash to consumers and other merchandisers.
And shoplifters steal some very unusual items…
In 2013, a 54-year-old Hamilton man stole razorblades worth $500, before trying to get away by bus.
In 2014, another Hamilton man tried to run away from police with 30 boxes of stolen razorblades, shoved down his pants.
In 2016, Vancouver police arrested a man they alleged was involved in stealing baby formula from local stores, and then shipping them to buyers in China.
Recently, a group of three men stole $20k in Lululemon clothes from a Moksha Yoga store in Stoney Creek.
Why razorblades, baby formula and clothes?

Experts believe that’s because these items are difficult to track down. Other retail store items usually have serial numbers on them but these items don’t, which makes them the perfect loot.
Worryingly, it’s not always outsiders who are involved in shop lifting activities. Sometimes, thieves have keys to the stores because they “work” there.
Mark Hatfield is the owner of Homestar Inc. He says he’s had three employees steal from him in the last 15 years.
According to the Retail Council of Canada, employee theft costs Canadian retailers about $1.4 billion every year.
For these reasons, it’s imperative to plan for better security at your retail store.

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