3 Steps to Improve Fire Safety in Your Home

Residential fires account for almost 50% of all accidental fires reported in Canada. According to the latest statistics, over 12,000 residential fires are reported in the country each year. The leading causes of residential fires in Canada include malfunctioning cooking equipment and electrical shortages.

Improving Fire Safety in Your Home

A comprehensive and effective fire-safety plan must include three main components for complete protection and safety of your home and loved ones. These include:


The first step is prevention. Making sure your home is secured and fire-proof is the first step to reducing the risks of potential fire hazards in the first place. This can include:


Having a good fire-escape plan prepared beforehand will ensure you and your loved ones can escape unharmed in case of a fiery disaster. Create the escape plan by marking the layout of the home and ensure everyone is aware of at least two escape routes inside the home.
Choose a safe place to meet in case you need to escape the fire and make sure the first person to reach the safe place makes the call to the fire department immediately.


No amount of prevention and planning can prepare you for the real thing until you practice it multiple times. Holding fire drills at home will help your family practice escaping immediately. Include tips and tricks such as feeling closed doors for heat and staying low to avoid smoke.
Most importantly, make sure everyone runs for the exit as soon as the smoke alarm goes off and doesn’t stop for any possessions or pets.

Choose Alarmtech to Secure Your Business

Choosing an experienced security service provider can help you keep your home and loved ones protected in case of a potential fire.   Monitored fire detectors summon help without any action on your part, giving you time to gather your loved ones and escape!
Alarmtech is a leading provider of reliable and high-quality security solutions for commercial and residential properties in London, Ontario. We provide state-of-the-art fire monitoring and fire detection devices for residential homes.
Our services include 24-hour monitoring systems, fire detection and monitoring, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, high-definition video surveillance systems, and overall integrated security solutions that will keep your business safe and secure.
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