Is experience and expertise still valuable?

Do you value expertise?
Expertise, skill, knowledge……how valued is it in 2020’s marketplace? When do you take expertise into account when planning a project or purchase? Experience and expertise, while different, usually go hand in hand. Expertise comes from superior skills applied consistently each time the skill is required. Quality is evaluated easily by those with experience and expertise. A good cook will choose quality ingredients knowing they will affect the outcome. A home decorator will want to touch the fabric or the artwork before making a selection.
When shopping online, how can we evaluate the expertise that went into development? How can we test the quality and how do we know the vendor has the industry experience necessary? All we really know is what the advertising tells us and nothing about what has been omitted from the information shared.
In the area of technology, how much does it matter to you to select a provider that has the expertise and experience coupled with quality products? Alarmtech hears a lot of feedback from clients who have been impressed by the marketing and price of a new product, only to be let down by the actual function and performance. At Alarmtech, we believe that a consumer who consults an expert in order to sift through options will ultimately come away from the experience more satisfied than someone who simply views marketing materials and makes their decision based solely on that marketing message.
In Alarmtech’s area of expertise – electronic security and camera/access control systems – we sometimes hear what was delivered by a competitor who got the job because of convincing marketing but… the camera was installed by drilling directly through the exterior walls of their home and the wire dropped down the living room wall in plain sight to access a power outlet!! Is that what the homeowner pictured when viewing the marketing materials? No, of course not.
During 2020, there are going to be some very exciting products released – a way to make your home not just ‘smart’ (YOU tell the home to turn off lights or arm the alarm), but Truly Intelligent (where your house TELLS YOU about furnace misfires pointing to furnace failure, unexpected extra water useage during toilet flushes, and more.) This is going to be a game-changer in the marketplace, and we are sure that online shopping will have their own offerings. However, teaming up with Alarmtech means that we will select what works, stand behind it, install it professionally and support you as you use it. Isn’t that what you really want from something so important?
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