How Access Control Systems prevent Commercial Theft

Just as the name implies, an Access Control System controls your commercial or institutional building access points. This article aims to educate you on these systems and explain how they benefit businesses.

System Capabilities

Access control systems can serve interior and exterior access points as needed. Also, managers can provide access to specific points for individual employees during certain hours or conditions. Therefore, select areas can be restricted to management only, even if non-management personnel are alone in the building at large. Limiting access to parts of a business can be effective in reducing employee theft.

As well, access can be restricted to specific days or hours for your business needs. For example, a church can allow certain groups to access the building only during agreed-upon days or hours.

All-access points are typically managed by IT personnel and can be changed and updated quickly. As a result, all use of the access points can be viewed in a report, or notifications can be set up so that management or operations can be alerted when certain access points are triggered.

The Four Elements of an Access Control System

-Intrusion detection

Utilizing these elements provides a comprehensive and structured way to reduce commercial theft and danger while improving safety and human resources.

RFID Systems

Access Control systems eliminate the need for keys. When using an RFID system, employees or members are simply granted access via a fob, PIN or swipe card. Rogue employees can be deleted out of the system, which will deny access.

Furthermore, lost cards and fobs can be programmed out. Rental groups who are in arrears can be programmed out. Although Access Control systems are sophisticated and somewhat costly, the benefits are numerous.

Reducing Costs and Integration

Another benefit is that access control can be limited to only the most critical access points to minimize costs. The company’s regular security system can integrate to cover other access points in the usual way. One of the most significant benefits of access control systems is that they’re customizable for unique business needs.

Integrated Security and Access is a common and comprehensive solution. Integrating CCTV surveillance with Security protection and Access Control allows the IT department to manage, review, and alter the system as needed.

As part of this same process, a reputable security provider will perform a CPTED analysis. That means they’ll review the outside exterior of the property. There may be actions that could reduce the opportunity for crime and unwanted employee activity. Professionally monitoring these systems closes the loop. Police or professional guard response can handle valid incidents without worrying about endangering employee safety or incurring employee call-out costs.



In conclusion, a business is an asset that you should do your best to protect. Access control systems are one of the many ways you can help prevent commercial theft from occurring.