6 Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Safe at Night

Most of us park our vehicles and forget about them. Maybe we lock the door, maybe we forget
sometimes. Often, we do not go back and check on our vehicles before we go to bed.
Alarmtech has received many calls in the past few weeks regarding vehicles being broken into.
According to the London Police Service, there have been 345 reported instances of vehicle
theft, or burglary from a motor vehicle in the month of September.

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Here are some tips to protect your vehicle:

Lock your doors

Sometimes we forget to lock our car doors. Create a habit of locking your doors before you go
to bed – this way, you can sleep comfortably knowing you locked your vehicle.
Park in the driveway!

If you have a driveway, park in the driveway! Vehicles on the street make easy targets for

Keep your valuables hidden

If you must keep valuables in your vehicle overnight, make sure they are out of sight when
looking in from the outside. Use a blanket to cover your things or get window tint installed to
make sure people cannot tell what is inside your vehicle.

Light, light and more light

What do criminals hate more than getting caught? Nothing! Keep your exterior lights on at
night. Swap out the bulbs for LED to save on hydro. If you do not have exterior lights that
illuminate your driveway/vehicles, you can look at a local hardware store for a solar powered
LED motion floodlight.

Do not keep your garage door opener in the car

We all love the convenience of our automated garage doors. With that said, they pose a danger
that we do not always think about. If your garage is attached to your home, and you have a
pedestrian door into your house, you are at a higher risk of getting broken into. Once the
criminal has access to your garage, they can break into your home from the garage easily and
without being seen from the street.

Contact a local security provider

For peace of mind, consider installing security cameras around your home. Specifically, focus
your cameras on your driveway, garage entry, and front door. Criminals are smart, they look for
homes with cameras and often avoid them. Not all camera systems are the same, do your
research or contact a local security pro to learn more.