24 Hour Home Security Monitoring


Optimization Of Your Security Investment

24 hour home security monitoring is a powerful tool and is essential for optimization of your security investment.

All signals are sent to our ULC listed CSAA 5 diamond monitoring station and acted upon as per your directions and within the guidelines of local policing authorities. This means that people designated by you will be contacted regarding signals received from your account. This might include you at work or on your cell, neighbours or family members within a reasonable distance. These people will take care of any damage that might have occurred to your property, IE damaged door frames or broken windows. The police can be dispatched as well to investigate any criminal activity that may have occurred, but the ‘keyholders’ (those people assigned by you to receive calls about signals) are most valuable, as they will receive calls about high/low temp, low batteries etc., as well as any burglary devices that may be tripped.

Monitored systems paired with fire detection devices mean that your pets lives can be saved if a fire breaks out when the home is not occupied. As well, dispatching the fire department without the need for human detection can also limit property and valuables lost to fire. The emergency services will be summoned automatically and the monitoring station can pass on the message about pets inside the home. About the story of the Haggiths.

Professional Keyholder Response is available in most locations; ask your security provider for a referral if you want 24-hour alarm response. Perfect for those who travel or prefer not to rely on friends or family for this type of assistance.

The traditional landline phone is absent from many modern homes; instead, internet or cell phones are used for communications. Alarmtech’s solutions are designed to work with these alternate paths, in combination with OR in addition to, standard landline. Ask your consultant about the different options and how they apply to your situation. Be “Future Ready!”  

Home Security Monitoring