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Every week, we talk to clients who have switched to VoIP phones or want to switch to VoIP phones.

Sometimes, when clients have already switched without talking to us first, they’ve unknowingly compromised their alarm monitoring path. It might be that we can fix it with a simple rewiring of the phone jack at the panel. It might be that the new service requires an additional piece of equipment in order to maintain the path. BUT no matter the fix required, there ARE SAVINGS in the BIG PICTURE. Please don’t shoot the messenger when we tell you there is a small investment to restore the monitoring function—the monitoring you have relied on for response and that can save property, lives and peace of mind.

We’re on your side, so please let us help. We have a relationship with you and have for years, so talk to us and ask us questions. We are real people over at the Alarmtech office and you are an important client to us. We will spend the time to confirm YOUR equipment, YOUR options and YOUR choices.

If your alarm system is over five years old, you will want to confirm whether it is compatible with the new phone service you are selecting. Some VoIP services won’t support monitoring the same way your landline did, BUT it’s still a great opportunity for monthly savings overall, so just proceed in the right order:

Call Alarmtech (519-434-3996) first and speak to our service department (many of you already know Sue, our service coordinator). We will tell you what your equipment is compatible with, how to make sure the phone company technician does the right thing with your wiring while they are on site, so you won’t have troubles, and other options you might to consider.

For further information about Alarmtech’s products and services, please contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation at 519-434-3996 | 800-461-5800 | info@alarmtech.ca or fill out our online form request sales consultation.

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Written by Nancy Hoevenaars, Brand Manager [ Marketing and Human Resources ]