Alarmtech Systems for life is thrilled to become a supporter of the YMCA Children\’s Safety Village by contributing monetarily to this great cause, as an ongoing annual commitment.

Alarmtech was founded in 1985 with the vision to “be the finest independent provider of electronic detection systems for residential and commercial accounts.” This can only be achieved through education for all parties, and Alarmtech invests the time and effort to educate the public to be savvy and satisfied consumers.  This process was in place during our dealings with YMCA during a recent installation project.

The Children\’s Safety Village is also all about education for children and families, a cause Alarmtech supports through our commitment to life safety products, and enhancements to our standard systems.  Our staff enjoyed a tour of the premises and hope you will join us each year at the “Thirty Charity Dance Club Experience” in support of the YMCA Children\’s Safety Village.  

What is the YMCA Children\’s Safety Village?
The YMCA Children\’s Safety Village is a child-sized village located in the Thames Valley District within the Fanshawe Conservation Area. The outdoor portion of the village features 26 small buildings surrounded with streets, operational traffic signals, authentic traffic signs, an operational railway crossing and a school bus. In the main building, there are two classrooms and Sparky the Fire Dog\’s apartment.  Through hands on safety lessons the Children\’s Safety Village helps reduce injuries by teaching children from kindergarten to grade 4 about individual responsibility and awareness while travelling in cars, riding bikes, walking down the street, being in the kitchen and encountering a fire in the home. The lessons are taught by educators from the police and fire departments and link directly to the Healthy Living Strand under Personal Safety and Injury Prevention Expectations.