Alarmtech’s Featured Article:  Neighbours of Riverbend Community Magazine for September 2017

As an expert in her field, Nancy Hoevanaars provides an informative piece on electronic signalling and how it affects your residential alarm system:  Neighbours of Riverbend Community Magazine

What we think of as an alarm system is really an electronic signalling system resulting in some kind of action. What this means is that all different kinds of devices can transmit all different kinds of signals for many different conditions.  When a residence or business location is highly protected, such as a gated community or patrol, it’s the other types of devices that make the system worthwhile.

First, there are monitored fire or CO detection.  Smouldering fires result in deadly fumes instead of instant flames.  These fumes overcome us as they build, so we don’t wake up even when the smoke alarm sounds.  By the time passersby see flames from the street, the fire is of a size that presents a huge challenge for rescuers, and a pretty bleak picture for the structure and contents.

Monitored fire and CO transmit to the station, where the operators take action including calling the premises, dispatching the authorities and calling responsible parties.  In Alarmtech’s 32 year history, we have had three valid fire dispatches.  Lives were saved, including pets who were home alone, and belongings too.   Other practical functions that can be monitored by an alarm system are; flood, sump pump failure, high or low temperature, appliance failure etc.   We can design a system to address your concerns.  There is peace of mind at an affordable cost…ask us how.

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Nancy Hooevanarrs

Marketing Manager | Alarmtech | Systems for Life