Audio Visual Medium

On behalf of the management and staff at Audio Visual Medium, I would like to thank you and the staff of Alarmtech for all your help and support during this past summer and fall.

No one realizes how essential the alarm we each turn on and off on a daily basis is until it is needed. We at AVM had the unfortunate opportunity to experience this first hand when we had a fire at our administration office on July 3rd 2002, it was only due to the alarm system complete with smoke detectors that saved our office building and data from being completely destroyed.

The fire happened late at night when no one was around. The smoke detectors triggered the alarm which led your monitoring system to call the fire department. Soon after the system then triggered a trouble alarm as our keypad in the rear of the building began to melt. With your monitoring system department directly calling the fire department they were able to reach our location, enter and put out the fire before it traveled to far within the building. Although we lost equipment and paperwork to flames and heat damage I am sure that if it were not for your system we would have lost the entire facility complete with our data system.

Fortunately, we had the systems in place and were able to pull our data out of a melted computer server and were back up and doing business within days rather than weeks or months. I can only imagine what kind of a nightmare it would have been to lose everything.

Once again thank you and all the staff of Alarmtech for your systems and support.