BusinessSecurity Systems


Camera Systems

From keeping your perimeter safe from theft and suspicious individuals to protecting your employees inside, cameras have a variety of uses.  For your commercial security systems, we will address your specific concerns through our on-site consultation. We will also quote, install, and provide all equipment necessary to record, view, retrieve, and evaluate video surveillance.

We give training with the installation of all camera systems through our certified installers, and we will liaise with your designated employee so that you can get the most out of this smart investment.

Intrusion Detection Devices

Perimeter and interior detection devices work together to provide comprehensive protection of your commercial property. Available intrusion detection devices for our commercial security systems include door and window contacts, overhead door contacts, motion sensors (standard and harsh environments), glass break sensors and more.

Each commercial property is unique in its security needs. Whether it be extensive, partitioned, or zone-specific coverage, a consultant will analyze the best-suited system engineered for your situation. Enhance your coverage by pairing your system with other devices,  such as cameras. 

Commercial Life Safety Devices

Are your employees in danger of violence or injury while at work? Install panic alarms under desks, or provide portable pendants to your employees. Keep your workers, and your property, safe from fire with our CO detectors, monitored smoke detectors, and rate-of-rise heat detectors. For extra protection, install flood sensors to decrease the likelihood of water damage. 

Commercial Security Monitoring