Security Camera Systems

Camera Systems

A commercial camera system can provide several advantages. They enhance security, safety, and surveillance. CCTV solutions from Alarmtech offers real-time viewing and remote access, enabling businesses to stay connected even when not on-site. These systems also document events, improving accountability and compliance.

While having exterior cameras will help prevent theft during the off-hours, having an interior commercial security camera lets you keep an eye on your employees during the working hours. Set them up in places of high priority, such as where cash and valuable goods are being held. 

Regardless if you have existing infrastructure, or we are starting from scratch, Alarmtech can help secure your business with the use of CCTV cameras.

Features include:

  • Colour day and night
  • Infrared lighting illumination
  • Extreme low light
  • Vandal resistance

Construction Site CCTV Solutions

Alarmtech is proud to add to its list of offerings an autonomous Construction Site CCTV solution for our clients. This self-contained unit features 3 cameras ranging from 60m of smart analytic technology to accurately secure your construction site. It has built in dual SIM cards, therefore providing remote access to your cameras. It also features a remote speaker, and LED strobe light. Combined, this unit can be rapidly deployed to help secure, deter, and prevent break-ins and theft.


This remote camera solution can be actively monitored by SIRIX. In Canada, construction sites have increasingly become focal points for theft and vandalism due to the presence of high-value equipment and materials.


Alarmtech’s Autonomous Security Box, powered by SIRIX Remote Monitoring, offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges. With the integration of our autonomous security box and state-of-the-art live video monitoring services, construction sites gain a formidable line of defense against theft and other unauthorized activities, ensuring peace of mind for stakeholders.

Construction Site CCTV Solution