Crime Prevention London ON, Community Safety London ON, National Summer Safety Week, Community Safety & Crime Prevention Week.

The first week of May is not only Community Safety and Crime Prevention Week (May 1–6), but it is also National Summer Safety Week (May 1–7)—which is fantastic because the two tie in perfectly together. The YMCA is offering family swimming/water safety evenings May 1st to May 5th (all pools) and the Canada Safety Council has a wonderful article about water safety:

Canada Safety Council celebrates Summer Safety Week, Summer Safety London ON,
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Did you know that Neighbourhood Watch London will be participating in Community Safety and Crime Prevention Week? Additionally, they will be promoting as many of the activities from other participating organizations. Watch their Facebook Page for details and they have also created a Hashtag #EyesOpenLDN — learn more here:

There are great events happening in our community, all free for everyone to attend:

Crime Prevention London ON, Community Safety London ON, Community Safety & Crime Prevention Week
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Here at Alarmtech, we take crime prevention very seriously and we are here to help. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about keeping you, your property, your family and pets safe. We can also offer spring/summer safety tips such as:

Tip 1: Lock your exterior doors when working on your property. You are technically ‘home’, so you might leave your doors unlocked out of habit. Thieves look for opportunities and seeing you weeding in the back garden can lead to a front door grab and go. Your purse and other valuables are likely findable within a two-minute dash through the house. Don’t make it easy for thieves to ruin your sunny afternoon.

Tip 2: Make sure your home address is easily visible to emergency services. If there is a possibility that back door neighbours might spot prowlers in the backyards on your street, consider adding your address to the back side of your house as well. The faster and more accurately a dispatch can be made, the better the chances of arresting a culprit.

Tip 3:  Adequate outside lighting deters criminals, assists emergency response providers and looks great!  A win-win-win addition to your home.

Tip 4: Cover garage windows to lessen temptation. Bikes, lawn mowers and power tools are all calling out to the casual thief. As well, thieves can work on your home entry door from the privacy of the garage, so keep the garage closed and locked whenever possible. If you have a home security system but the garage isn’t part of it, contact your security company to add your overhead and exterior man doors to your system to add protection and early intrusion detection.

Tip 5: When hosting a party that starts on the patio or back deck, lock the front door and post a small note advising people to come directly to the backyard. That way, guests’ purses and cameras won’t be left in an unlocked front hall. In fact, getting into the habit of locking exterior doors while home is smart and gives that extra layer of protection.

Tip 6: Rainstorms and power outs give additional coverage to criminals. Be more vigilant during those periods. Think like a burglar to avoid interacting with one! (ask us about adding an UPS system to support your alarm during a power outage).

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 Written by Cheryl Redick, Graphic Designer/CSR