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One of the great benefits of a monitored system is fire detection. If pets are alone in the home when an alarms sound, they cannot call 911. Similarly, the elderly may not alert the authorities due to mobility issues or in a misguided attempt to battle the fire themselves. Children who are at fault for fires sometimes try to deal with the fire, not realizing how fires grow exponentially.

However, if you have a detector as part of your Alarmtech monitored alarm system, it will be PHOTOELECTRIC  technology and will trigger the alarm if tripped. We recommend leaving all other smoke alarms in place and adding monitored smoke detectors to the sleeping area and the common areas/basement as well. If a MONITORED smoke detector is tripped, the authorities will be dispatched without the need for human action. Family members could be absent, overcome with fumes, napping, or even unaware that a fire is smouldering in a corner of the house.

In Alarmtech’s thirty year history, our monitored alarm systems have alerted the authorities to fires several times; in a house with pets (all saved except the lizard whose heater caused the fire), in a home where the teenager who answered the phone insisted there was no fire, only to realize that it was slowly growing in the basement and in businesses while closed due to faulty equipment and vandalism.


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Written by Cheryl Redick, Graphic Designer/CSR & Nancy Hoevenaars, Functional Manager