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Camera Systems For Your Home

As technology continues to improve, more residential homeowners are deciding to make use of integrated camera home security systems to protect their loved ones and their possessions. Whether it be your driveway, backdoor, garage, or anywhere else on your property, Alarmtech will provide a quote for any home security needs that suite you. Alarmtech’s camera types include the basic analogue type, HD over coax 1080P analogue, and Megapixel IP systems.

Likewise, Alarmtech’s HD over coax systems can be used to refurbish already existing camera systems by adding the following: Such features include detecting colour during day/night, IR illumination, licence plate tracking, low light, and vandal resistance. With the decreasing cost of surveillance technology, why take a chance? Invest in Alarmtech’s affordable and modern security system and keep your personal investments intact.


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