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Home Security Systems

Home Intrusion Detection Systems

Door and window contacts along with glass break detectors protect the most likely points of entry. Interior detection devices detect movement after entry, confirming the need for action or dispatch.

Alarmtech’s interior motion detectors can be adjusted to ignore most family pets. Your consultant will identify your home’s vulnerabilities, assisting you in getting the most value from the system’s design.

Home Intrusion Detection Systems
ProSeries devices home security systems

Home Camera Systems

From something simple like a doorbell camera attached to your home security system, homeowners gain information about front porch activities at their home. We can also add a few strategically placed surveillance cameras or a fully wired system with multiple cameras and an onsite recording platform.

Through our consultation process, you will learn the differences between cloud recording, recording snips and retrievable video footage. Knowledge like this will help you make the right decision for your situation and understand both the benefits and the limitations of the different platforms.

Reaideo First Alert VX3 Security Camera

Honeywell ProSeries

Security. Comfort. Life. Perfectly in tune.

You don’t operate on a fixed schedule. Why should your home? The Lyric Controller is designed for how you really live, with a wireless connected platform that makes your home safer, smarter and more enjoyable than ever. Individually, each product performs brilliantly.

Together, they’re a way to orchestrate life. No schedules, no programming and no complex menus-simply security and comfort for when you’re home and savings for when you’re away.

Honeywell proseries for home security systems

Medical and Panic Alarm Options

Medical and Panic pendants and buttons are 24 hour devices that can be added to all of our home security systems, allowing for wearing around the house or activating from your bedside. The signals are then acted upon by the station as per your express wishes. We can even provide the station with a door code to give to EMS or designated caregivers.

 Resideo life alert button for home security systems

Home Fire Detection Systems

Fire is a greater thief than man could ever be.

When making a decision to protect your family and personal property from theft, also consider the addition of fire detection devices. When added to a monitored security system, our smoke detectors are fully supervised, capable of notifying you when the batteries are low reminding you to replace them and will inform you if they need cleaning or are otherwise out of spec. If hardwired, they have battery backup if the electricity is out. Most importantly, we are able to dispatch the fire department promptly.

Home Fire Detection Systems
Fire and CO monitors for home security systems

Home 24 Hour Security Monitoring

These devices work 24 hours a day, even if the alarm is disarmed. Summoning help upon detection of Fire, Extreme Heat or CO can save valuable time by activating dispatch while you are gathering your family members for a timely escape. They also work to protect pets or vulnerable persons who cannot summon help when needed.

Prompt EMS dispatch has saved the life of many pets as well as home based business assets. Wireless components will alert you to low battery conditions, and Hardwired components access the backup battery to protect during power out situation. Protect your loves ones from this devastating threat. 

Home 24 Hour Security Monitoring
Home Security Systems