La Casa Ristorante

I would like to thank Nancy and the staff at Alarmtech for making our transition from Counterforce to Alarmtech so smooth and easy.

We had been with Counterforce for many years, so we weren’t sure what to expect from Alarmtech, but we were ready for a change to a company that would serve us better.

Nancy explained everything very well and assured me that Alarmtech would take good care of our monitoring needs.

I am happy that she sent the technician to La Casa to do a check of our alarm system, since it was long overdue.

The technician also adjusted the time for our back door so that we had some time to get over to the alarm to disarm it.

Prior to that, the alarm was set off as soon as you opened the back door and this posed some problems for us in the past.

Having those extra seconds before the alarm kicks in has been great.

Nancy assured us that our reports would be forwarded online monthly and this has been happening regularly.

I have been very happy with the billing system and we were credited a portion of our last bill with the other company when we moved to Alarmtech.

I have found that the office is very accessible and prompt whenever I have called or emailed.

We would like to thank you, Nancy and the rest of the staff at Alarmtech for your great service.

Congratulations on your 25th anniversary and best wishes for continued success.

Linda D’Andrea

La Casa Ristorante