Legacy Clients

Hello to all the Alarmtech clients from between 1985 and early 2021. Bob and Nancy Hoevenaars want to thank both their wonderful team and clients for all the support during nearly 36 years of business. When we decided to retire, we thought about the best new home for our clients and DAMAR was the right solution for so many reasons: no change to monitoring station (most important), no change to fees and an excellent reputation. In fact, Damar and Alarmtech were the two winners of Best of London 2021. We really are the dream team!

Some of our employees expressed an interest in joining DAMAR and are just getting settled into their new surroundings. Others have moved on to new adventures. And of course, Bob and Nancy are moving towards retirement over 2021. We are currently helping DAMAR with a smooth transition, and are still available in the community to help new clients who might have existing equipment they would like to resurrect or upgrade.

We thank London (and area!) for being such a wonderful place to do business, make friends and raise a family! Click below to read the transition letters or say hello to Bob and Nancy.

Transition Letters