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The alarm industry is rife with rumours, promises and misconceptions about 24-hour monitoring and police response.  At Alarmtech, we have selected our monitoring station carefully, because the station operators need to follow the London Police False Alarm Policy to the letter, in order to get proper police dispatch. Every so often, we have a customer who tells us they can sign up for discount monitoring through another provider and save on their monthly fees.  These providers are generally enormous central stations providing response to the nation or the continent and beyond, or tiny independents relying on consumer-grade quality phone equipment.  Some companies guarantee police response or even boast that their equipment transmits directly to the police dispatch. None of this is true. We warn them that they will likely ‘get what they pay for’ — or even less!  What do we mean?  Read on below.

The London Police have released the 2014 statistics and they are as follows:  There were 2892 total alarm calls in 2014 and the police responded to 1150 of those calls to discover 49 valid break-ins at premises with monitored alarms.

What happened to the 1101 alarms that did not receive police response?  675 calls were ineligible for police response at that time, due to the number of past false alarms (Key holders would have still been called by the station).  293 were cancelled by the monitoring station because, after calling key holders and then dispatching the police, they received word from a key holder advising that police were not needed.  208 calls did not receive police response because the officer could not reach the premises within 30 minutes.  (Key holders would have still been called by the station and can request police response if needed).  But 566 of the calls were not responded to at all by police because the monitoring station did not follow the protocol dictated by the London Police False Alarm Policy during dispatch.  That is almost 75% of deserving calls for service denied because they chose the wrong monitoring station (566 out of 764 calls that deserved response). The monitoring station MUST call all keyholders and the premises BEFORE dispatching the LCP.  If this is not done at the outset, it cannot be ‘corrected’ — the chance for police response is simply lost at that dispatch. There is no leniency on the policy. So, did those clients of the ‘budget’ monitoring station receive the service they are paying for? We think not. Can they find out what happened by calling the customer service number at their monitoring station on the next business day to discuss the procedure easily and promptly? Again, we think probably not.

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On the link below, see Code 7 violation of police at 34% of calls, which becomes nearly 75% when you remove alarms verified then cancelled by the station and terminated locations (this complete lack of police response is a detail these alarm companies don’t want you to know). To get the full story, and the contact information for the London City Police alarm coordinator’s office (yes you have the right to ask questions directly), you can view the LCP report at the link below and you can also find the contact information for the LCP Alarm Coordinator if you want to ask her any questions about alarms and alarm response. Or, call our office to chat and to make sure your key holder list is up to date. We are here to help.

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Written by Nancy Hoevenaars, Functional Manager/HR/Marketing