The Joy of Getting a Brand Spanking New Security System: I’m an employee of Alarmtech Systems For Life and recently, I contracted Alarmtech to install a simple security system in my home. Like many, my Fiance (Chuck) and I were often concerned about security. Not only when we are away from the house, but when we are in the house as well. I’ll never forget the story my Dad told me, shortly after I had moved out of the house when I was in my early twenties. It was the crack of dawn and Dad and my younger brother were sound asleep. Both of them heard someone walking around the house and assumed it was each other. But, then Dad woke up with a stranger standing beside his bed grabbing his wallet. Dad chased two burglars out of the house that morning! The burglars made away with Dad’s wallet, but dropped some other valuables they were carrying in the mad dash to get away. Yikes!

Not only am I a first time homeowner, but I am now a first time security system owner. The decision to have a system installed was an easy one — because, while most valuables can be replaced, some valuables cannot (like my mother’s engagement ring that was stolen many years ago, but that’s a whole other story) and of course, peace of mind is priceless!

I had Alarmtech install a basic system that included a Lynx Touch keypad, two door contacts and two motion sensors. Because my system runs via the internet service Total Connect is also included. At the moment, what that means for us is, we can receive email notifications when the system is armed and disarmed and we can also arm and unarm the system remotely. This could come in handy if we forget to turn the system on when we leave the house or we need to let someone into our house while we are away. In the future we could always add on more features, using Total Connect, like lights, blinds, temperature control, etc. We are also looking at adding a monitored fire/CO alarm, which not only offers us extra protection, but also gives us a discount on our homeowners insurance, when combined with burglary.

To see the pictorial diary I made of  ‘my home security system install’ that also shows the procedures used during an installation click the image/link below:

Home Security Install

I’m very happy with Alarmtech’s services and glad to have a security system with a company I know I can trust. Also, with Alarmtech’s monitoring station protocols in place, I know I can receive proper police response if the need should ever arise.

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Written by Cheryl Redick, Graphic Designer/CSR