Project Hope London ON, Volunteers at Project Hope, Alarmtech Systems For Life, Doug Tarry Custom Homes, Alarmtech Systems For Life Volunteers

Doug Tarry Custom Homes Ltd. has a very special project ‘Hope’—providing hope for a St. Thomas family. What a wonderful opportunity for all us builders and specialized trades to give our knowledge and sweat equity to a worthy cause. On June 9 — June 11 Doug Tarry Custom Homes and volunteers (Alarmtech included) blitz built a Net Zero Ready home in THREE DAYS!

Last summer a, well known and respected, St. Thomas & Elgin community building official Johnny Nooren passed away after battling T Cell Lymphoma. Johnny’s wife Angela and his two children, not only lost a husband and father, but the loss has put the family under financial duress and that’s when Doug Tarry stepped up and spearheaded the Project Hope campaign. All the proceeds from the selling of the newly built home will be donated to Johnny Nooren’s family.

Alarmtech and all the other volunteers had a busy, productive weekend completing the 1,440-square-foot bungalow. The event was EPIC with a lot of moving parts. Alarmtech’s volunteers, President Bob Hoevenaars and one of our Technicians, John got busy running wires for internet, phone and security for this special build. They installed Honeywell’s most recent, top of the line, smart home platform ‘Lyric’—a product that offers security, comfort and keeps your life perfectly in tune.

Project Hope was a success and we gathered a few photos from the build to showcase the hard work that was involved by Doug Tarry homes, all the contributors, trades, donators, workers and volunteers who helped build this amazing home and made it all happen. You can view the Project Hope Slideshow on our website:

Project Hope London ON, Volunteers at Project Hope, Alarmtech Systems For Life, Doug Tarry Custom Homes, Alarmtech Systems For Life Volunteers

For those of you unfamiliar with what Net Zero Ready means: Net Zero Ready (NZR) is a label administered and recognized by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. For more in depth information visit CHBA’s net zero web page. The certification builds on a similar, but distinct, label ‘Net Zero’, which recognizes a home that is designed, modelled and constructed to produce as much energy as it consumes (on an annual basis). While many Net Zero-certified homes feature renewable energy systems, the NZR label refers to a home for which the renewable energy system has been designed, but not yet installed.

Want to know even more about the event/build? Please refer to Project Hope’s Facebook Page or visit Doug Tarry’s Project Hope Web Page.

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Written by Cheryl Redick, Graphic Designer/CSR