protect your family and pets from fire and CO

The saying is “a thief takes possessions, but a fire takes everything”; adding monitored Smoke and CO detection to your home security system is one of the smartest moves you can make to protect your home, loved ones and pets.  Monitored devices summon the authorities for helpless pets alone in the house, for humans sleeping or overcome by fumes and unable to respond to the sound of detectors and summon help while parents are busy evacuating their children during a fire.  There is no better investment for the terrible “what if” of our greatest enemy; fire…….

Already have a system? Contact us for information on adding wired or wireless smoke/co combos to your system.  Don’t have a monitored security system? Contact us for information on installing one to provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones. We can be reached at 519-434-3996 /

Already have builder (electrical) smoke detectors?  Monitored smoke detectors use a different technology which is better at detecting smouldering fires.  Today’s fire-retardant materials mean that smouldering fires are more common than ever before.  Your arsenal of protection should include electric and monitored smoke detectors in all common areas, and standalone devices in each bedroom. See the Alarmtech Blog for more info on these topics and stay safe.

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Written by Nancy Hoevenaars, Brand Manager [ Marketing and Human Resources ]