Alarmtech's Blog 2016

A bit of a rant from Alarmtech: This is a little different blog from any other we’ve done, so forgive us while we rant a bit about the misleading information that is rampant in our industry—here is the FINE PRINT from one of our competitors’ offers:  The offer starts out as $19.99 a month and $0 down???? But, read on…

Alarmtech Blog June 2016

As consumers, we need to read the fine print! At Alarmtech, the rate you sign for is the rate for the DURATION of your agreement and there isn’t anything hidden from the equipment quote or the monthly fees. No auto—acceleration clause and you decide if you want to pay less up front and more monthly, or all down and less monthly. At Alarmtech, we consult to design the system and agreement for YOUR NEEDS and YOUR BUDGET! Call us for a complimentary consultation! 519-434-3996 / 1-800-461-5800.


Written by Nancy Hoevenaars, Functional Manager