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It’s possible to simplify so many things to bring us peace of mind and reduce the stress of snap decisions. First, I’m talking about making the very best of the alarm system you’ve invested in. We want you to get every benefit possible out of your monitored system fees, so besides the obvious burglary type signals, we ALSO send low battery, tamper testing, and other supervisory type signals to the station so that you get useful information about the state of your alarm. And, when you have us ADD other types of devices to your alarm system – such as smoke, water, sump pump failure, temperature high/low, CO, freezer failure etc., we send those to the station for an appropriate response.

So, if you are thinking of maximizing the utility of your alarm system, consider adding more function by increasing the number of devices in your system. Under certain conditions, we can also add remote connectivity and mobile alerts. To find out about adding these devices to your system, email with your system address and name and we will provide you with information.

While you’re at it, why not ask us one more question—“how much to add an extended warranty to my system?” Adding an extended warranty gives you peace of mind; knowing that for an affordable monthly fee, you can place your aging system under warranty and simply order service if/when it’s needed. When the equipment becomes obsolete and needs service, it will be upgraded under the extended warranty program. So many people love this budget item! To find out how to add to your peace of mind and increase the protection of those you love, simply email and we will send you the information that helps you make the right decision for you.

We value your business and want to serve you well. Call us first! 519-434-3996.

The Alarmtech Team

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Written by Nancy Hoevenaars, Brand Manager [ Marketing and Human Resources ]