Rogers Smart Home Monitoring spends a lot of money advertising their ‘advanced security solutions\’, and trying to somehow insult companies that have been installing ‘traditional security\’.  (Dear Rogers; of course we were installing traditional IE phone-line-only security, back when people didn\’t have always-on/high-speed internet services in their homes until the last ten or fifteen years – and now that they do, WE ARE installing advanced security solutions TOO!)

BUT, ha ha, the laugh is on Rogers, when the salesperson\’s promises can\’t be matched by Rogers\’ services……read on to hear how only Alarmtech could deal with an advanced installation…..

“I was changing home insurance companies and I saw a brochure that offered a significant home insurance discount if I would get Rogers Smart Home monitoring.  After doing some math I reluctantly decided to change companies from Alarmtech to Rogers due to the savings I would be getting in my case.   I really didn’t want to leave Alarmtech, it was a great company and my experience with them for four years since I began with him had been flawless.  And I loved that I was dealing with a local company instead of a large corporation.

I had the Rogers salesman come take a look at my existing alarm.  He advised they take over a lot of alarms on a daily basis but just wanted to make sure that my alarm was compatible with their equipment because they would essentially be installing a mod chip to my existing alarm that would allow them to bypass my current alarms control panel so that I could use their smart monitoring tablet.

My control panel was one that they could do the takeover on.

A few weeks later and after some phone calls, completing documents and providing notification to different service providers the installation technician arrived.

He came in, saw my keypad and I gave him my manual for my current panel in case he needed it.  He then said he’d like to look at my panel before he goes any further.  I showed him the panel and then he had some serious doubts about being able to take over the panel.  He went to his car to make a phone call and returned after a little while saying that he cannot take over the panel. He had spoken with a technician in Toronto who is up to date with everything who explained to him that the panel I have is too advanced for them to take over at the that time.  They do not have the compatible components to install in the unit.  The Toronto technician told him they will at some time but he had no idea when that would be.

The technician was very impressed with the alarm panel that I had.  Even commenting that I had three lines of communication connected to instead of the two that the Smart Monitoring comes with.  He said he wouldn’t do anything with it and leave it just how it is since it is such a nice alarm.

He apologized for all the inconveniences that this caused me and that I had been told they could take it over.  I had taken a day off of work for the installation.

So…after that I had a very interesting story to call Nancy at Alarmtech about.  I asked her to please not disconnect my current service!  She graciously welcomed me back I told her their alarms are built too advanced and we had a big laugh about it!

I remain an Alarmtech client.”