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ULC Fire Monitoring

Alarmtech has noticed a definite increase in the enforcement of the Ontario Building and Fire Codes as it stands for required by code occupancies. Among other fire safety requirements, one requirement can be for the monitoring of fire alarm and/or sprinkler system. Not all buildings are required to have their fire alarms’ or sprinkler systems monitored. In those cases, almost any alarm company can supply some kind of monitoring for these systems and there will not be any enforcement by the Fire Department to comply with ULC S561 for these locations. ULC S561 is a standard that when followed by a listed fire monitoring company can allow for the issuance of a ULC certificate. If your location is a not required location that has a sprinkler or fire alarm system and you wish to protect your building and people as best possible by having this system monitored, it is still a good practice to have the system installed in compliance with the standard since it could protect your investment should the codes change in the future.

When there is a required by law request by the Fire Department, usually due to the applicable building or fire codes, you need to protect yourself and pass this information on to the alarm company you wish to deal with. They may or very likely may not be able to fulfill the request. The alarm company needs to be prepared ahead of time and listed with ULC to provide such a service. This listing procedure includes an engineering review of procedures and sample installations of the alarm company by ULC. In order to maintain a company’s listing there are annual inspections by ULC of the company and a large sampling of their installations.

Don’t risk the lives of your clients and protect your bottom line. Deal with an ULC listed Alarm company when looking at adding fire related monitoring.


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